Anyone knowing companies making large collections of techdoc and reference material accessible using semantic technologies?

asked 05 Nov '10, 07:34

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Paul Hermans
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Please re-read faq.

(05 Nov '10, 08:50) Remon Georgy Remon%20Georgy's gravatar image

O'Reilly is pretty quick on the uptake of semantic technologies; if you've got contacts there, I'd ask them about this.

(05 Nov '10, 11:20) Jodi Schneider Jodi%20Schneider's gravatar image

Feel free to ask me questions about semantic tech at O'Reilly. Our collection is hardly large, and our RDF work is more for internal 'enterprisey' stuff, but it's just itching to be published.

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answered 10 Mar '11, 19:56

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Charles Greer
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Can you elaborate on the vocabularies you are using?


(12 Mar '11, 10:56) Paul Hermans Paul%20Hermans's gravatar image

Most of what we're doing has to do with bibliography and taxonomy (big surprise). Plenty Dublin Core, marcrel, skos. If none of our predicates fit into these, then we go to our own corporate namespace for the rest of the attributes.

With a little data documentation work we could be publishing an API or SPARQL endpoint. Would that be of interest?

(17 Mar '11, 15:49) Charles Greer Charles%20Greer's gravatar image

One of the things that I worked on about five years ago when working for a branch of Kidde was a workflow using PDFs with XMP, not sure if they still use it, but it was RDF and semantic.

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answered 05 Nov '10, 13:55

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See below. It supports RDFa in the generated output as an option

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answered 09 Feb '11, 21:20

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William Greenly
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