I have been wanting to ask the 'owner' of this forum to think about a weekly 'featured' questions, but I can't actually find a link with some contact information. The oldest account is Community, but that one is hardly active. Andrew perhaps?

asked 10 Nov '09, 21:49

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Egon Willigh...
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the first 'weekly' roundup can be found here: http://aabs.wordpress.com/2009/11/13/semantic-overflow-highlights-i/

(12 Nov '09, 21:49) Andrew ♦♦ Andrew's gravatar image

Andrew Matthews is the registered contact for the domain semanticoverflow.com, for what that's worth:

Removed to preserve my privacy!

Randall Schulz

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answered 10 Nov '09, 23:09

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edited 11 Nov '09, 01:26

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Andrew ♦♦

Randall, sorry to edit your answer, but I'd rather my personal details were not openly placed where spammers can harvest the details. (I know they're freely available elsewhere, but I'd rather not make it too easy for them!)

Anyway - it's me!

(11 Nov '09, 01:28) Andrew ♦♦ Andrew's gravatar image

Thanx Randall and Andrew. Stupid of me to not think of using the domain name to get a clue :(

(11 Nov '09, 06:28) Egon Willigh... Egon%20Willighagen's gravatar image

As this site could be a very important information source, it should have at least an explicitly marked about/contact section, if someone has comments, suggestions, critics to the site itself. I think it's not good to not having this things on such a website. I like the concept of this site very much. Everyone could benefit from. Please think about this issue.

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answered 29 Jun '10, 10:26

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Hi Egon,

I think that's a great idea - I was also wondering whether to start blogging a weekly roundup of the highlights of the site (on my blog rather than here). I sincerely hope that before long there will be too many questions for me to cope. Right now, though, it's very doable.

What do you think - the most challenging question? the Most active? The one most likely to be valuable to new arrivals or those new to the technologies? The one with the least informative answers? One's we'd most like to add to a community wiki? Perhaps the one that has remained unanswered longest?

I've noticed that many of the questions that I've asked have no definitive answer, but are bringing forth lots of new and interesting answers as others join the site. Others could be answered, but are not being answered in great depth (thinking of questions re triple store and reasoner design). I want to keep alive the generally useful questions for as long as possible, but of course there is no (nor should there be) forum-style pinned questions on this site, so I have just been editing the question regularly to keep them near the top.

You know, of course, that you can add a bounty to questions of your own that have remained unanswered for some time. Perhaps, if there are questions you want an answer to urgently, you could offer a reward?

I'm not sure how it will work, since no answer yet qualifies, but perhaps we could open an answer for such a featured question and then immediately make it a community wiki answer so that all can contribute their ideas towards the answer? Perhaps that would be more constructive?

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answered 11 Nov '09, 01:42

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Andrew ♦♦
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Looking into it a bit further, it seems that you have to put a bounty on a question for it to make it into the featured tab.

perhaps the best way to feature a question is to vote it up if you want to see more/better answers for it.

(11 Nov '09, 03:32) Andrew ♦♦ Andrew's gravatar image

The 'featured' questions should likely be a mix of all, and editor choice. I like the blog idea, where you can argument why you picked that question.

The bounty restriction is interesting. I have at least one unanswered question, but not putting up a bounty yet before I have reached 250 reputation... there is some tag clean up I like to do first :)

(11 Nov '09, 06:30) Egon Willigh... Egon%20Willighagen's gravatar image

BTW, did you see my question where people can download the data from the semanticoverflow.com database? If the website (proprietary) software does not allow spitting RDF, I'm sure we can set up a tool to convert the raw data into RDF, and set up a daily synched SPARQL end point elsewhere...

(11 Nov '09, 07:23) Egon Willigh... Egon%20Willighagen's gravatar image
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