I am looking for a single open source tool that allows editing of RDFS, RDF and full OWL 2.0 ontologies. Being able to execute SPARQL queries would be a very big bonus. Any recommendations ?


asked 24 Jan '11, 05:09

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Not exactly open source, but the Free Edition of TopBraid Composer meets the other requirements, including editing of RDF/RDFS or OWL 2 models, as well as SPARQL execution.

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answered 25 Jan '11, 02:57

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Protege4 is open source and allows to create and edit RDF,RDFS and OWL2

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answered 18 Jul '11, 01:15

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Yeah, Protégé 4.1 definitely supports RDFS and OWL 2. It's java-ish. However, I'm afraid that Protégé 4.1 doesn't support SPARQL execution by native though you can use third-party SPARQL tools, such as Joseki and Jena.

(18 Jul '11, 01:36) fadirra fadirra's gravatar image

Protege 4 does not fully support RDF/RDFS. It goes through the OWL API that turns everything into OWL. This will mess up things that OWL DL cannot handle (such as certain blank node structures). So yes to OWL 2, but no to RDF/RDFS and SPARQL.

(18 Jul '11, 02:16) Holger Knubl... Holger%20Knublauch's gravatar image
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