Iḿ newbbie in this, and I want to introduce RDFa in my HTML code, and then I must query it with SPARQL.

What is the best form to insert RDFa inHTML? And, Can I query it with Jena?

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asked 08 Feb '11, 17:00

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i really recomend: http://rdfadev.sourceforge.net/

(08 Feb '11, 19:19) Celsowm Celsowm's gravatar image

You should read the RDFa primer to get up to speed. Once you've injected RDFa into your XHTML then you could pull out the RDFa via an RDFa parser see this similar question http://www.semanticoverflow.com/questions/1493/what-is-the-best-java-rdfa-parser notice the accepted answer ties an RDFa parser directly into the Jena model.

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answered 08 Feb '11, 17:50

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looking for a thread like this ... but I need pointers to a solution for taking predicates, subjects and objects from my qparql endpoints ... and ... following the RDFa standard ... Tag nodes in the html5 DOM with attributes coming from the sparql result ( sparql returns json and will be converted into PCCO class )(es).

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answered 29 Dec '12, 23:32

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