There is a question about the Semantic Web technology stack. What about the one of required fields of (applied) computer science?

Links to relevant theoretical courses or books are certainly welcome.

asked 13 Feb '11, 20:47

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Nikita Zhiltsov
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"What fields of computer science must every Semantic Web developer be familiar with?". Easy: none. :)

(13 Feb '11, 23:34) Signified ♦ Signified's gravatar image

what fields of computer science must a web developer be familiar with?

(14 Feb '11, 00:34) harschware ♦ harschware's gravatar image

If a degree in computer science would be a requirement for being a Semantic Web developer, the Semantic Web would be doomed! Of course, there is some bunch of research to be done that requires or at least benefits from one or the other kind of academic knowledge, but this isn't different from any other field.

(14 Feb '11, 08:41) Michael Schn... ♦ Michael%20Schneider's gravatar image

OK. Just corrected it.

(14 Feb '11, 09:55) Nikita Zhiltsov Nikita%20Zhiltsov's gravatar image

If you were to stretch the fields outside of computer science, you might find some overlap with the data science venn diagram. So, you might include:

  • Mathematical Logic
  • Statistics
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Machine Learning
  • Linear Algebra
  • Database Theory
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answered 14 Feb '11, 01:17

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Ryan Kohl
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Yeah, I'm in: I've spent several years to all of this at university! :-)

(14 Feb '11, 09:56) Michael Schn... ♦ Michael%20Schneider's gravatar image

I guess you are looking for the thread with the name "Where can I learn about the semantic web?", or?

Edit 1
Otherwise, if you wanna go a bit deeper into the foundations of the Semantic Web the field of Knowledge Representation and the nature of Ontology (yes philosophy) is important. Thereby, especially literature from John Sowa and Barry Smith is quite interesting.

Edit 2
Here is another thread with the title "What books would you recommend to anyone working with Semantic Web?", which includes also answer with more referenced threads on SemanticOverflow that mention further Semantic Web literature.

Edit 3
Finally, the thread "Seminal resources on general semantics and ontologies?" includes some references for huge field of logic.

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answered 13 Feb '11, 22:25

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Rob Vesse ♦

That's wrong. My question is about the theoretical background of SW. In particular, that thread doesn't even refer to any NLP books.

(13 Feb '11, 22:32) Nikita Zhiltsov Nikita%20Zhiltsov's gravatar image

please review my edit ;)

(13 Feb '11, 22:33) zazi zazi's gravatar image

OK. I see. That's a nice try)

(13 Feb '11, 22:41) Nikita Zhiltsov Nikita%20Zhiltsov's gravatar image

Oh, btw the thread at http://www.semanticoverflow.com/questions/1688/any-good-resources-about-nlp-semantic-web deals with the relation of NLP and Semantic Web.

(14 Feb '11, 22:38) zazi zazi's gravatar image
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