This of course depends much on the data at hand, but what I'm looking for is a set of queries that tests a wide set of generally important aspects of reasoning performance, with a short description for each query about what aspect it actually tests.

(If anyone needs more specific examples for answering, then here we go: I'm right now looking at some RDF:ized NMR Shift data from NMRShiftDB, which is not very highly interlinked with itself (Basically peaks are denoted with data such as height, splitting constant, chemical shift and atom type, and are connected to spectra, which are annotated with corresponding molecule). Later I might also look at data such as chemical structures described by 2D molecule.graphs, which I imagine is much more interconnected.)

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Samuel Lampa
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I'm not aware of a generic benchmark, but I found a paper Benchmarking OWL reasoners, published 2008.

Another place where you might look is the Lehigh University Benchmark. Some of the queries (11, 12, 13) also test some basic reasoning capabilities.

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answered 30 Nov '09, 15:56

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Bastian Span...
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Thanks a lot, the list of queries ( ) used in the Lehigh Uni Benchmark, was indeed the kind of thing I was looking for.

(01 Dec '09, 14:21) Samuel Lampa Samuel%20Lampa's gravatar image

(Will check the paper too!)

(01 Dec '09, 14:22) Samuel Lampa Samuel%20Lampa's gravatar image

Glad I could help you. As far as I understand, only the queries 11-13 test some reasoning capabilities, but it's a start.

(01 Dec '09, 19:56) Bastian Span... Bastian%20Spanneberg's gravatar image
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