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I have AllegroGraph (AG) installed on a Macbook Pro (Snow Leopard) and Im using the HTTP interface (the new-http-* version) with ruby to interact with the triple store. I also have AgWebView running to give a web view of the store. If I run a sparql query using AgWebView I can explicitly turn on inferencing and life is good, however, if I run the same sparql query via the http api there is no inferencing going on, presumably because its not turned on by default for that method.

Does anyone know how I might configure an AG triple store to have inferencing turned on so that it would work via the HTTP API, or how I could ask the store to use inferencing for a given query by passing in some parameter in the HTTP call?



asked 20 Jan '10, 21:23

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Simon Twigger
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Yes you are right in saying that Inferencing is not turned on for the HTTP API by default.

There's a boolean infer parameter that you can add as one of the parameters of your request - this is from the documentation:


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answered 21 Jan '10, 11:28

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Rob Vesse ♦
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Hi Rob,

Clearly I am guilty of not following rule number one: RTFM. That was exactly what I was looking for and solves the issue, many thanks!

(21 Jan '10, 14:54) Simon Twigger Simon%20Twigger's gravatar image

I had a lot of issues getting started with AllegroGraph because their manuals are a bit iffy so I wouldn't feel bad about not spotting it - I had an issue with configuring it which I eventually found the right manual page for but not for several hours!

(21 Jan '10, 15:35) Rob Vesse ♦ Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image

How to turn on reasoning for AllegroGraph store? link not work ....

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answered 31 May '14, 10:15

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