Now I have gone through many documentation but I really not able to figure out that what do we mean by vocabulary. Can someone specify me an example of RDF vocabulary and tell me the different types that exist? I have been through foaf and other self defined relationship between subject and object eg:hasType,hasTopping,hasPhoneNumber. So what exactly is a vocabulary? Is it the different relationships that I defined or the entire foaf thing....Pls remove my confusion?

asked 07 Apr '11, 13:30

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I'm trying not to confuse you even more by telling you about ontologies or schemas or what a vocabulary is in general and how it differs from the other terms (if at all).

So, in a very specific sense the FOAF vocabulary is all the terms defined in the FOAF documentation, which mostly means classes and properties.

foaf:Person is one such class and it can be used to express that something is of type 'Person' (and the documentation says what that type means and how it relates to other terms). Thus, in Turtle syntax you could write:

:me rdf:type foaf:Person.

foaf:knows is one such property and it can be used to relate two things (which are of type Person) to express that those two things know each other.

FOAF is mainly focused on people and documents and what people do on the Web. Different vocabularies define terms for different use cases and kinds of data. For example there's the Music Ontology which is a vocabulary that has terms for describing music.

If you're looking for vocabularies for various purposes then try the search, there have been some questions before that got good answers with lists of popular vocabularies or places where you can find them. But I hope this answered your general question what a vocabulary is.

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Great so I am not wrong of wat I meant of a Vocabulary!! :) grt!! I am having a idea about ontologies. The only thing that was bothering me was that what is meant by the word vocabulary and what does it signifies in the terms of semantic web.So to make my self clear... a vocabulary can be a a way of describing a specific relationship in a particular context.... right??

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No, the vocabulary is the set of defined terms. Just as a person's vocabulary is the set of terms they know and use.

(07 Apr '11, 14:30) scotthenninger ♦ scotthenninger's gravatar image

There is a nice definition of what is meant by a "vocabulary" in RDF in the Graph Definitions Section of the RDF Semantics spec, which also provides formal definitions of RDF graph, etc. Specifically, "A set of names is referred to as a vocabulary" and "A name is a URI reference or a literal".

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answered 19 Apr '11, 13:38

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