Is there a pre-existing ontology that can be used to express a mapping from a File Extension to a MIME Type (and vice versa)?

I found nie:InformationElement from the Nepomuk project which has a nie:mimeType property which addresses part of my requirements but doesn't seem to have anything related to file extensions. Even in their File Ontology there isn't anything to express file extension.

Would you recommend use of the Nepomuk ontologies for the MIME Type bit and then just minting my own properties for the other bits I need or would you recommend writing a small vocabulary myself entirely in my own namespace for expressing this?

asked 25 May '11, 06:34

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Ivan Herman's formats: namespace at has what you want: formats:media_type and formats:preferred_suffix.

Here's an example of formats: in action: Description of the N-Triples format.

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answered 25 May '11, 07:59

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Interesting, I already use the Format URIs for some things but never noticed that it has an RDF vocabulary associated with it. Perhaps I should ping Ivan and ask him to make that clearer

(26 May '11, 05:56) Rob Vesse ♦ Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image

"...but never noticed that it has an RDF vocabulary associated with it" - me neither, so +1 for making the term definitions of this vocabulary more explicit.

(26 May '11, 12:17) zazi zazi's gravatar image

Furthermore, for MIME type URIs I would recommend to make use of this IANA compatible MIME type set. Btw, for addressing MIME types there is dcterms:format as well.

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answered 25 May '11, 15:12

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That site made my eyes hurt! ;-)

(25 May '11, 17:20) cygri ♦ cygri's gravatar image
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