I've pretty much given up on Protoge as a tool for ontology development because I find I make more mistakes using Protoge than I make editing Turtle files with a plain text editor.

It seems like it would be really nice to have a Eclipse or jEdit plugin with features like syntax validation, autocompletion and all that. It would be particularly to have something that can connect to a SPARQL endpoint to drive autocompletion?

What's the current status of IDEs for Turtle?

asked 17 Jan '12, 17:15

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TopBraid Composer is an Eclipse plug-in whose free version lets you edit data and models (RDFS or OWL) with autocompletion, although the autocompletion works from locally loaded models. It also lets you enter and run SPARQL queries with keyword highlighting, syntax completion, and dynamic identification of potential structural errors, which really does help to make it more of an IDE. (The version you pay for lets you develop applications, convert between triples and a wide variety of other formats as part of those applications, and test hosted applications on a local personal server.)

Editing of data is done with forms (although a "source" view is available) so whether you're editing Turtle or RDF/XML the only difference most people see is the extension used to save the file.

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answered 17 Jan '12, 22:18

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Tbh I find TopBraid Composer and Protege of equal complexity. Personally I have given up on Topbraid composer as much as the opinion on Protege in the OP

(20 Jan '15, 05:11) Andra Andra's gravatar image

Personally I work with Turtle in an editor I wrote myself called rdfEditor, it supports most RDF formats but the Turtle and SPARQL support are the main targets of support.

It doesn't use SPARQL for auto-completion but it will attempt to pull in ontologies you define with @prefix definitions and use those though that feature can be a tad flaky at times.

The software is beta and Windows only so may be of little use to you depending on your exact needs and environment.

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answered 17 Jan '12, 18:49

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Sweet! I spend a lot of time with Windows, so this is quite useful.

It would be nice to have a Windows installer though rather than running it out of a directory...

(18 Jan '12, 10:24) database_animal ♦ database_animal's gravatar image

Good suggestion, I filed an issue to add a Windows Installer for the next release - http://dotnetrdf.org/tracker/Issues/IssueDetail.aspx?id=161

(18 Jan '12, 18:40) Rob Vesse ♦ Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image

If you use Textmate there is a new Turtle bundle you can find at: https://github.com/peta/turtle.tmbundle (README.md includes some screenshots) or via the bundle installer (right from the Preferences dialog).

It offers:

  • Syntax highlighting (including support for SPARQL 1.1)
  • Miscellaneous snippets
  • "Smart" auto-completion
    • Prefixes (automagically fetched from prefix.cc)
    • For every prefix a vocab/ontology document is retrieved and all defined Classes/Properties/asf. are presented as autocomplete choices
  • Plain auto-completion
    • datatypes and language tags
    • SPARQL language constructs
  • Interactive SPARQL query scratchpad
  • Commands for instant graph visualization (requires Graphviz and Raptor)
  • Solid syntax validation
  • Format conversions
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answered 09 Mar '13, 08:42

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There is a N3 Bundle that does pretty syntax highlighting for Texmate (OSX app) but you can also use it also with other compatible apps :

  • For windows, E-texteditorsupports also texmate bundles,
  • SublimeText2 (should work but throws an error :" Unexpected capture value")
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answered 18 Jan '12, 03:11

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It works, but first you need to create the directory /Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles and then git clone https://github.com/tommorris/n3-tmbundle.git n3.tmbundle/. Then you also need to follow the instructions at http://www.openvest.com/trac/wiki/n3SyntaxHighlighting#Setup before the syntax highlighting will work.

(23 Jan '12, 03:37) Gerrit Gerrit's gravatar image

Not a full IDE, but I have some settings files and a lexer for SciTE:


It syntax highlights N3, Turtle, NTriples, SPARQL 1.0, NQuads, TriG and anything else syntactically close enough to trick the lexer.

There are various settings towards the end of the "SciTE.properties" file for "compiling" Turtle to RDF/XML with a single keystroke, looking up prefixes on prefix.cc, etc. These you'd probably need to customise.

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answered 18 Jan '12, 10:16

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Xturtle is an option. It features:

  • syntax highlighting and validation,
  • code completion for
  • resource qnames
  • datatypes and language tags
  • literals
  • prefix names and namespaces URIs from prefix.cc
  • turtle templates,
  • internal linking to descriptions,
  • preview of resources (hover view),
  • navigation in outline and quick outline,
  • folding of prefix definitions, subject blocks and multi line literals,
  • multiple customization options

Xturtle is based on eclipse / Xtext2 and EPL licensed.

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answered 13 Feb '13, 07:16

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I've tried it out and it is a little more lacking than the description would suggest, do you know if Xturtle has some sort of issue tracker somewhere?

(13 Feb '13, 12:27) Rob Vesse ♦ Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image

The source code is on GitHub, so yes: https://github.com/AKSW/Xturtle/issues

(13 Feb '13, 13:47) AKSWMember AKSWMember's gravatar image

@ Rob Vesse, can I ask what do you mean? The described features work fine for me ...

(13 Feb '13, 14:40) Seebi Seebi's gravatar image

@AKSWMember Thanks for the link, filed my bug - https://github.com/AKSW/Xturtle/issues/40 - Every single RDF and RDFS term is highlighted as an error

(13 Feb '13, 14:50) Rob Vesse ♦ Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image

@Seebi The syntax highlighting is particularly lacking IMO and the auto-complete doesn't seem to work that well for me at least

(13 Feb '13, 14:52) Rob Vesse ♦ Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image

@Seebi So I can make the syntax highlighting nicer if I play with the settings but it still has one or two quirks

(13 Feb '13, 15:01) Rob Vesse ♦ Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image

please see my detailed response at https://github.com/AKSW/Xturtle/issues/40

(13 Feb '13, 17:12) Seebi Seebi's gravatar image
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